Wright “B” Flyer’s Wright Landings Newsletters

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Spring 2024 – See our Spring Newsletter and learn about the development of our White Bird, our annual meeting last month, and some of the events we have planned for 2024. Plan a springtime visit to the museum.

Winter 2024 — Read about our many activities this past year and our plans for construction of a special dolly to transport by ground a partially assembled White Bird to events such as the legendary Oshkosh. 

Fall 2023Read about our re-opening following the COVID-19 pandemic and see the photos of the new White Bird that was built while we were closed. And take a peek at the photos from several of our summer of 2023 activities, including the Dayton Air Show.

Winter 2019 — Read about Condition Inspection, the events that we had during the summer, the annual meeting held in October 2019, and our volunteer needs.
Spring 2019 — Read about the Board Chairman’s retirement and replacement, new aircraft update, NAHA grants, Neal Armstrong Museum, how you can help, read a book and win a flight, event calendar, and more.

Winter 2018 — Read about the status update on the new Wright B Flyer lookalike, Valentine Flyer at San Antonio’s 300th Anniversary Celebration, 2018 Hangar events and more.
Spring 2018 — Read about the construction of the New Wright B Flyer lookalike, work on the Brown Bird and more.

Winter 2017 — Read about the status of the Brown Bird and updates to the museum.
Spring 2017 — Read additional information about repair and maintenance of the Brown Bird, remodeling of the museum and volunteers.

Winter 2016 — Read about repair and maintenance of the Brown Bird, EAA5’s progress on building wings for the new Wright B lookalike, and more.
Summer 2016 — Includes articles about Wright Factory preservation, update on the new Wright B lookalike plus more.

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