Welcome to Wright “B” Flyer

The Wright “B” Flyer Hangar/Museum is a free museum which is open for visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm so please come out for a visit.

Please  Click here  for important announcements regarding museum closings this summer.


We will offer orientation flights, once again, in the Wright-B-Flyer lookalike as soon as we satisfy final FAA requirement in our new White Bird aircraft.

Come Visit Us

For a generation, Wright “B” Flyer Inc. has celebrated the legacy of the Wright brothers in Dayton, Ohio by flying and displaying a modern lookalike of their first production airplane—the Model B.  Now, we’ve finished building our latest lookalike Model “B” Flyer to ensure our mission continues for the next generation. Originally, we planned to complete this latest flyer in the very-same factory that produced the original Wright B Flyers more than a century ago. However, a devastating fire at the restoration site, required us to finish the build and follow-up testing at our current hangar on Springboro Road, in Miamisburg.

Wilbur and Orville Wright built America’s first airplane factory in Dayton in 1910. The Model B was its first product. Our first plane built at this hangar was nicknamed the “Brown Bird,”.

This latest build of the Model B is nicknamed the White Bird. It has been built to modern standards with modern materials and components.  

Learn how you can continue helping us to display as we tour with our newest airplane. Or visit us at Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (KMGY)
10550 N. Springboro Pike,
Miamisburg, OH

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 9:00 am-12:30 pm, Admission is free!

Plan your visit & map our location!

Special Events

The newest built flyer attends special events throughout the year. One event, in particular, is the Vectren Dayton Air Show held each year at the Dayton International Airport. Check out our calendar of events to see what we have planned.

Major White Bird Activities Planned for 2024

  • Spring/Summer/Fall 2024
    • Hops and pattern flights to assess cylinder head temperatures, electric trim function and the affect of aileron drooping on angle of attack.
    • Civil Air Patrol Renaming Ceremony.
    • Warren County Food Truck Fly-in. certification.
    • Cirrus Owners and Pilots’ Association Fly-in.
    • Wright B Flyer Museum Annual Meeting.
    • America 250 Ohio Trails and Tales (Air and Space Trail) Kickoff Event.
    • Centerville Americana Parade with half-scale and Model T participation.
    • Dayton Airshow for White Bird public flight demonstrations.
    • EAA AirVenture – Oshkosh.
    • Kettering Holiday at Homes Parade.
    • Hall of Fame Inductees Event.
    • Hops and Props Event with Craft Breweries and Food Trucks.
    • Heritage of Flight Festival.
    • And More to Come!

Famous YouTube video guest by Tom Scott

The Wright Brothers Home by Smithonian Channel

Video by 88th Air Base Wing, WPAFB

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