The 2024 Schedule is being developed and will be posted soon. Please check back!

Major White Bird Activities

  • Winter 2022-2023
    • Developed methods to remove fuselage/empennage.
    • Developed method to fold blinkers and pilot platform.
    • Aircraft was designed using CAD to do this: fit into standard shipping container to ship worldwide and reassemble in ~4 hours.
  • Spring/Summer 2023
    • Continued hops and pattern flights to assess CG location vs. stick/throttle/stabilator positions; best takeoff and landing; slow speed flight using wing tufts.
    • Completed 40 hr. test program for FAA experimental category certification.
    • Short cross-country flight.
    • Centerville Americana Parade with half-scale and Model T participation.
    • Pattern guest flight with Tom Scott, YouTuber. 1M views so far.
    • Dayton Airshow for White Bird first public flights. Flew there Thursday, performed Saturday and Sunday, flew home Tuesday.
    • On static display when not flying. Many thanks to Sinclair Aviation program for hangar space and support.
    • First Flight Wheels and Wings. Flyovers and static display from our hangar.
    • Kettering Holiday at Homes. Flyover during parade and half-scale walk in the parade.
    • Carillon Park Concours. Flyover at noon on Sunday.
    • Hawthorn Hill Flyover at the Wright Brothers Oakwood Residence.


  • Summer/Fall 2023
    • Warbird Flying Showcase. Flyover and landing at Clermont County Airport.
    • Huffman Prairie flyovers with celebrities.

2023 Dayton Airshow and White Bird first public flights