White Bird

New Wright Model B Lookalike – the White Bird.

In 1910, the Wright brothers built America’s first airplane factory in Dayton, Ohio where its workers were the first in America hired and trained to manufacture airplanes.  Their first product—the Wright Model B—marked the birth of America’s aviation industry.

For a generation, Wright “B” Flyer, Inc. has celebrated that heritage and inspired future aviation professionals by flying and displaying a Wright Model B lookalike that we called the “Brown Bird”.  But with the rise of invitations to display and fly our airplane at international venues together with the aging of our original Wright “B” Flyer Lookalike made it clear that we would soon need a new airplane. 

Approximately 10 years ago an individual with a passion for aviation heritage generously donated funds that allowed us to begin the design and construction of a new Wright “B” Flyer lookalike, nicknamed “White Bird”.  We initially intended to build the new Wright Model B lookalike in the original Wright Company factory buildings.  But we soon realized that it would be a few years before the restoration of those buildings could be completed.  And so, we decided to commence design and construction of the new aircraft in our museum/hangar in Miamisburg, near the Austin Landing shopping complex.

The wings of our new aircraft were built to our specifications by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 5 of Middlefield, Ohio.  In addition, numerous businesses have been generous enough to provide donated or reduced-price services, supplies, or parts to help with the completion of our aircraft.

The White Bird first flew in the fall of 2021.  During the 2022 flying season, the aircraft was tested for high-speed taxi (acceleration and braking performance), runway hops (takeoff and landing performance and optimal pilot settings), and it finally left the runway to perform local pattern flights.  The 2023 flying season was a busy one: the Dayton Airshow, parade and car show flyovers, famous YouTube video guest (https://youtu.be/EN9JzxzDXU0?si=UeACqPWokT7iOs3N), cross-country flight to Batavia Ohio, and flights to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the historical Huffman Prairie, where the Wright Brothers learned to fly.

We are looking forward very much to our 2024 flying season.



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