Author: Don Adams

Wright “B” Flyer Half-Scale Won Trustees Award

The Wright “B” Half-Scale Flyer won the Trustees Award at Centerville’s 2017 Americana parade.  The award is given every year for the best float in the parade based on theme, originality and attractiveness.  This is the third time that the Half-Scale Flyer has won that award.  The Half-Scale depicts the day (May 25, 1910) when Orville Wright took his father, Bishop Milton Wright, for his one and only flight.   

Wright B Flyer Contributes to Boys State Gymnastics Meet

Wright B Flyer contributed a year’s membership for a raffle drawing that was held at the 2017 Boys State Gymnastic Meet.  The meet was held on March 25 and 26, 2017 at the Gymnastics Training Center of Ohio (GTCO) in Franklin, Ohio.  It was sponsored by the Rings & Beams Booster Club, the parent booster organization.  The Park Ranger in the picture spoke with participants about the Aviation Trail and the National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA) in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Extensive Maintenance on the Brown Bird








A serious engine failure occurred while flying our Wright “B” Flyer lookalike (Brown Bird) in October. This failure has necessitated extensive maintenance on the Brown Bird.  So, along with design and construction of a new aircraft, we are currently working on the restoration of the older one to flying status. We hope to have the Brown Bird flying again by April or May of this year. To read more about the maintenance effort click here.  To see more pictures, visit our Facebook site by clicking here and scrolling down a bit.

New Wright “B” Lookalike Wing Panels Completed









All four of the new Wright “B” lookalike wing panels arrived at the Wright “B” hangar in January 2017.  Construction of these wing panels began in February 2016 at the EAA 5 facility in Middlefield, Ohio under the leadership of project manager, Curtis Cook.  After designing and building special tools for use during the wing-panel construction, all parts were completed, assembled and shipped to the Wright “B” Flyer hangar.  To read more about the construction of the wing panels, click here.

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