Concept image showing new Wright B Flyer over restored Wright Company factory buildings.

The new Wright B Flyer over the restored Wright Company factory—concept illustration.

Welcome to Wright B Flyer!

For a generation, Wright “B” Flyer Inc. has celebrated the legacy of the Wright brothers in Dayton, Ohio by flying and displaying a modern lookalike of their first production airplane—the Model B.

Now, we’re building a new one to ensure our mission continues for the next generation. And we’ll complete it in the factory that produced the original Wright B Flyers more than a century ago.

Wilbur and Orville Wright built America’s first airplane factory in Dayton in 1910. The Model B was its first product. Our plane, nicknamed the “Brown Bird,” is a Model B lookalike—built to modern standards with modern materials and components. Our new airplane will also be a modern lookalike.

Learn how you can help us build our new airplane. Go here for more details. Or visit us at Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (KMGY) Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Admission is free!