Gift Shops

Wright “B” Flyer Gifts

For your convenience, the Wright “B” Flyer organization now has two gift shops:  a brand new 24-hour, limited-selection, on-line shop and the more traditional in-hangar shop (open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm).  Please click here for announcements of closings around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and rarely for special events.

OnLine Gift Shop
We’d love to have you come visit us, but we realize that it’s not always possible.  So, if you can’t come to the hangar, then visit our online shop.  Not all items that are available in the in-hangar gift shop are available in the online gift shop, but we think that you’ll like what you see on-line.

In-Hangar Gift Shop
The pictures below give you a sampling of what is available in our traditional in-hangar gift shop.  So come on in; if the weather’s good during the late spring, summer or early fall, you might get to see the newest lookalike, White Bird, fly.